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Latest Must-Have Gadgets For Men

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David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief of Men's Health magazine revealed this year's hot list of gadgets on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America.

Zinczenko said the magazine chose 77 gadgets, after testing thousands of new products, that can make men's lives easier and more fun. Check out the shorter list Zinczenko shared on GMA:

Sharp Aquos TV: This TV is completely wireless and equipped to handle cable, satellite, DVD or VHS content sent wirelessly to the TV. It works within 150 feet of its base station (like a cordless phone). Its limited range makes it perfect for the bathroom or the backyard. It costs $1,800.

RCA Lyra Audio/Video Jukebox: This device can hold up to 80 hours of video, 300 music files, or 100,000 jpg images. It's able to record from a TV, DVD, VCR, or a computer and it has a cassette adapter that can be used in a car without a CD player. The screen resolution is only half as good as a regular TV, but it's good enough for the road, according to testers at Men's Health. Its battery life is between six and eight hours and it sells for $400.

Samsung DuoCam: This is the first camcorder with a dedicated digital camera lens. It switches modes with cool rotating lens system. The camera mode captures 4-megapixel images, double that of most camcorders on the market. It sells for $1,400. 10 Must-Have Gadget Gift Ideas For Techies

Canon i70 Portable Printer: Testers at Men's Health said this printer has excellent resolution, comparable to any PC-bound inkjet printer. It is powered by a battery that can take it through 450 pages per charge. Canon cameras are able to print to the portable printer directly, and the prints are in color. It sells for $250.

180s Edge Gloves: These gloves are a perfect gift for an outdoorsman. They work when one blows into a port on the top of the gloves. The warm breath is held inside the glove and helps to warm the hands. They sell for $75 for each pair.

Craftsman Laser Trac Saw: The laser line ensures straight cuts every time, according to testers at Men's Health. It sells for $70.

Westinghouse Unplugged Vacuum: Testers said the cordless vacuum is very powerful and quiet at the same time. It comes with two 30-minute batteries and it takes one hour to charge it fully. A telescoping hose eliminates the need for usual extension pieces. It doesn't require a bag, but the collection container should be cleaned out after each use. It sells for $300.

North Face Airfloor 33 Tent: This is the first tent that has a wall-to-wall inflatable air mattress as part of the construction. The tent sleeps three. Since the 30-pound backpack is too heavy for most backpackers, it's perfect for families traveling by car. The tent sells for $500.

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