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Getting started and master Netflix for Wii

Getting started with your Xbox 360How to stream movies and TV from your Nintendo console Gaming consoles have come quite a way in recent years in terms of adding functionality above and beyond simply playing amazing video games. The Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 have all added tools and programs to further the user's experience and create an added value. One example of this kind of functionality is using Netflix to watch instant streaming movies and episodes of television series right on your TV without the need for any additional hardware aside from the game console. All three consoles have Neflix functionality at this point, but we'll focus on getting Netflix streaming content working on the Wii console.

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Getting started and master Netflix for Wii

Getting started and master Netflix for WiiNetflix is one of the most popular media rental services on the planet, so there's already a pretty good chance that you have a Neflix account. However, if you don't, the first thing you'll need to do is create one. There are several levels of service subscriptions that Netflix offers, but the bare-bones, $8.99/month subscription is really all you need to watch all the streaming content you want. You can set up an account online in a matter of minutes, and once your account is active you can begin watching streaming content right on your computer. However, to watch your Netflix content for free on your Wii you'll need to complete a couple more steps.

Getting started and master Netflix for WiiSince you're already online with your Netflix account, simply navigate your address bar to From here you'll be able to order a free Wii Netflix disc with just a few clicks of your mouse. After completing this step you'll be able to relax for a few days while you await your disc to come in the mail. This is a great time to start building a list of content you plan on watching using the Instant Queue tool provided by Netflix. After logging into your Netflix account you can begin browsing instant streaming content using the Instant tab near the top of the screen. All of the content in this category is available to watch immediately. Unfortunately, not all of the content on the entirety of Netflix is available in instant streaming form, but you'll find that the majority of high-demand and popular content is. Once you find a movie or show you want to save to your queue, simply move your mouse over the "Watch" button and another small button will pop up above it saying "Add to Instant Queue". Click this, and your program is now saved to your Instant Queue until you decide to delete it later. After spending a good amount of time building your perfect Netflix library,it should be just about time for your disc to arrive in the mail.

Getting started and master Netflix for WiiPlace the Netflix Wii disc inside your Wii console and boot it up. Click the Netflix icon that now appears in your Disc Channel and wait a moment. From here you'll receive an activation code that will allow your Wii console to work hand-in-hand with the Netflix streaming service. Log in to your Netflix account using your computer and again navigate to Here you'll be prompted to enter your activation code. Enter it and press the "Activate" button. After this your Wii will be authorized to work with Netflix.

Getting started and master Netflix for WiiAlmost immediately your Netflix Instant Queue should pop up on your screen, showing all of the content you've chosen using the computer-based tools you used earlier. You'll also be presented with several huge playlists of content based on different categories like Comedy, Horror and Drama, regardless of whether or not you have built your own Instant Queue, so you'll have plenty of stellar content to watch no matter what. However, if you took the time to build an Instant Queue, or chose to at any time in the future, your Wii will then suggest other content to you based on things you've watched from your queue. This is a fantastic feature that really pushes fantastic content to you that you may have otherwise missed. As of the time of this writing, there is no search feature included with the Wii version of Netflix. This means that whenever you want to search for any specific movie or television program you'll need to log on to your Netflix account using a computer. We can only hope that a full content browser is added at some point in the future, but as of right now the tools in place do a good job of allowing you to find content perfect for you, even if it takes just a little digging.

So there you have it; a fantastic and simple way to watch streaming Netflix content right on your TV, without the need for any hardware besides that little white Nintendo box you have anyway. If you have an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, the process is a bit different, and we'll have guides on how to use Netflix for those two consoles shortly as well so be sure to check back!

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